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Sunday, September 23, 2018
Making Disciples for Jesus Christ

Resources & Links

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Scroll down this page for resources regarding YOUTH, CHRISTIAN NEWS, PRAYER, BLOG, SCRIPTURE resources:


  • Devo'Zine - A devotional magazine designed for youth
  • As the Internet has grown in popularity, blogs have emerged on nearly every subject imaginable, including Methodism. What is a blog? "Blog" is short  for "weblog". It is a journal (or newsletter) that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. The personality of the author or the Web site is generally evident in the blog, which is generally personal and conversational in nature.

    Blogs can also serve as a forum for dialogue around burning issues that face people. Several UMC Bishops now use blogs to communicate with their conferences (e.g.
    Bishop Willimon).

    Here are some Methodist and other Christian blogs that maybe be of interest. If you would like to suggest a blog for this list,
    email us.  The views expressed in these blogs are their own and not necessarily those of Cressey Road UMC.
  • Paradoxology is a blog by a Free Methodist pastor who uses this site to "contemplate the mysteries of life and faith."
  • Beth Quick is a pastor in Oneida, NY. This blog deals with topics that might appeal mostly to lay leaders, seminarians, and pastors. She has recently discussed issues like  pastoral calling, thoughts on serving communion, and other pastoral related topics.
  • Get Religion is a blog about religion in the news put together by several journalists who report on religion. Timely and animated discussion about religion in the news.
  • Real Live Preacher is a blog by a Baptist preacher in Texas who grapples with contemporary issues and the Christian faith.
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