Cressey Road United Methodist Church
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Making Disciples for Jesus Christ


Many people think that all a church does is ask for money. After all, what other organization sets aside a particular day and time, every week, to hold a meeting for its members, and then has a particular time during that meeting to publicly ask you to give? And even passes around a plate for you to put your donation into!
However, there is much more than asking for money involved!
We all know and understand that everything we have is given to us from God. Our skills, our abilities, our homes, our cars, our families, our very lives! We have been given these things so that we may take care of the place that God has given us to live upon. We are God's stewards of the Earth. We have dominion over-- and therefore care and responsibility for-- all of God's creations.
Of course, "given" might be the wrong word. "Lent" might be better, because we are only on this Earth for a very short time. And, except for our spiritual gifts (which actually ARE given to us to be able to care for this world), all of our materials gifts are left behind when we return to God's kingdom. But... should we just let our "gifts" sit and benefit us rather than using them for God's will while we are still on Earth? Or should they be used to help make disciples of Jesus Christ and to help all of us grow in our spiritual journey?
THAT is why the church asks for a small part of your "gifts" each week. And, those gifts include your time and attendance, as well.
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