Cressey Road United Methodist Church
Sunday, September 23, 2018
Making Disciples for Jesus Christ

Volunteer Needs

The following are Volunteer positions within the Cressey Road United Methodist Church. There are also plenty of opportunities to help with one or more of the various ministries that we are involved in.
For more information on getting involved, please contact Pastor Woody Woodward at
Sunday School
Get involved with our outstanding Sunday School program by teaching! Lead or co-lead age-specific Sunday School classes for one to three Sundays per month during the school year (mid-September through mid-June). Share God's love -- plus a lesson -- using the quality curriculum that is provided for you. Training is provided!
Adult Choir
If you enjoy singing with others, our Adult Choir would love to have you join them! Choir members meet at 9:00AM Sunday mornings (except for the summer) for rehearsal, then sing at most of the 10:30 service! Training is provided!
Hand Bell Choir
Except for during the summer, our hand Bell Choir is very active, frequently providing special music at out Sunday Morning services. It also, occasionally, provides music outside of the Sunday services. Rehearsal time is currently 6 PM on Sundays. No previous experience is needed. Training is provided!
Special Music
We are always looking for a variety of instrumental and vocalist musicians to provide special music during our services. The demand for Special Music is greatest during the summer months when our choir is not leading us in musical worship. Perform once or many times! Our pianist can also accompany you if you wish.
During our 10:30 service and our 9:30 summer service, four ushers help to hand out bulletins, take our offerings, and even... ring the church bell! You can step in for a week or a month. New ushers are usually teamed up with experienced ones to make things smoother. Training is provided!
Each Sunday, we have at least two greeters inside the main entrance from 10:00 to 10:30AM (9:00 to 9:30AM during the summer). Since each week features new greeters, this is a great way to meet new people! Training is provided!
If you enjoy reading scripture out loud, lectors have the privilege to read either or both of the scriptures for the New and the Old Testaments each Sunday during the Traditional Service. You could read aloud from the Bible for the congregation, knowing that you're sharing the Word of God.
Communion Assistants
Help is always welcome to prepare and/or serve the elements during Holy Communion during the first Sunday of each month. You can also help out with the weekly communion held at 10:20 (or 9:20 during the summer). Training is provided!
Audio/Visual and/or Technical Support
Creative and/or technologically-gifted? Enjoy providing communications and audio-visual support during the services. Get the equipment up and running for the services, run the PowerPoint slide shows (Training is provided!) or even produce your own slide shows or videos for a service!
Welcome Center Volunteers
Hand out welcome bags (and sometimes directions), to visitors, record attendance information, track visitor information, and/or send welcome cards or emails to new
visitors. Training is provided!
Coffee Fellowship Leader
After the Traditional service each Sunday, many members and visitors gather in the Fellowship Hall for coffee and snacks and to socialize. You can volunteer (with friends or family) to make coffee (Training is provided!), set out treats, and clean up afterwards. Some leaders have their friends and family provide the snacks while others use snacks that the church has on hand. You can choose to be a Coffee Fellowship Leader for just one Sunday a year, or more than one!
Coffee Fellowship Donor
Those who's Sunday schedules make it hard to volunteer as a leader can instead help with providing snacks! Homemade cookies, cakes, dips, desserts, veggie and dip trays or cheese and cracker trays are always appreciated by the congregation!
The Cressey Road United Methodist Church relies upon its membership to take leadership roles in within the church. Some of these require a significant amount if time, while others perhaps take one evening a month. Competent, spiritually-based, and prayerful leadership is an important part to our church's success!
The Administrative Council
Meets most months at 6:30PM on the second Wednesday of each month at the church. Council makes the major non-pastoral decisions for the church. The Council is made up of the Lay Leader and several representative committees which function together as the Council, and which may meet outside the Council as necessary. It also includes, ex officio, the Pastor(s) and Certified Lay Minister(all non-voting members of Council). Council Committees include the following:
Staff/Pastor Relations Committee (SPRC)
Builds a strong, positive relationship between the congregation and the church staff. This committee will work with the lead Pastor and other staff to fulfill legal and ethical responsibilities related to staff. Must All be Members of the Cressey Road UMC!
Christian stewards of the property which God has entrusted to the Cressey Road UMC. This includes supervising and maintaining both the physical property of the congregation and gifts made to the church. Trustee Chair must be a Member of Cressey Road UMC!
Finance/Stewardship Committee
Primary responsibility is for the financial aspects of church operations. It examines the income and expenditures of the church, looks at stewardship needs, and compiles the annual church budget.
Council Members-at-Large
Responsible for providing their knowledge and insight into church affairs as a voting member of Council not affiliated with another committee.
Worship Committee
Made up of those involved with worship issues, including the pastor(s), music director, Sunday School Superintendent, Head Usher, and others.
Nurture, Outreach, and Witness Team (NOW)
Responsible for ensuring the at the ministry offerings and communications of the church meet the needs of both the congregation and the community within the church's area of operation.