Cressey Road United Methodist Church
Sunday, September 23, 2018
Making Disciples for Jesus Christ


Cressey Road United Methodist Church offers several different Worship Services.
1. Traditional Worship Service                                                                                                      
Our so-called Traditional Service lasts about an hour, and tends to follow this format:
  •      Greeting/Welcome
  •      Opening Hymn and Prayer
  •      How have you experienced God this week?
  •      Offering
  •      Children's time
  •      Children go to Sunday School (earlier, if Communion Sunday, when they return for Communion)
  •      Special music (choir/bell choir/soloist)
  •      Scripture reading
  •      Hymn
  •      Pastor's message
  •      Prayers of the people
  •      Closing hymn
  •      Benediction (sending forth)
  •      Benediction hymn
COMMUNION (also called the "Eucharist" or "The Lord's Table"): One the first Sunday of every month, we hold Communion just after the Prayers of the People. In the Methodist tradition, ALL people who wish to serve Christ are welcome at the Communion table. We practice "intinction", where we are given a piece of the bread and then dip it in the cup of grape juice (another Methodist tradition). While all are invited to the table, including children, it is certainly optional'
NOTE: Words to prayers and responses are included in the Bulletin everyone receives or on the large TV screens in the Sanctuary. The Bulletin will also indicate when people should stand (if able) and the pages of hymns (or the words to the hymns will be on the TV screens as well.)
2. Praise and Worship Service
The Praise and Worship Service is a less-formal service that also follows a basic format, 'though it may be changed at any time.
  •      Greeting
  •      Opening Prayer
  •      Music by Fulcrum, our Praise Band (all are welcome to join in, using the words on the TV screens)
  •      Message by the Certified Lay Minister or other speaker
  •      Testimonies (if desired)
  •      Prayer requests
  •      Music by Fulcrum
  •      Closing Prayer
COMMUNION: Also held on the first Sunday of the month. Again, all are invited, but not required to take communion.

3. Sunday School
  Children of the appropriate ages are welcome to attend our Sunday School. Divided into different age groups (and sometimes joining together), students learn about the Bible and the love of God and Jesus. They get to try out different crafts and tie in what they learn in class to their lives today. We also have a Nursery for very young children, so that their parents can attend the services, either Traditional OR Praise and Worship. NOTE: All teachers and Sunday School volunteers undergo full background checks and are trained to ensure children are safe and protected.
4. Children's Worship Sunday
A once-a-year event, children who attend our Sunday School are invited to actually lead the Traditional Service. They do the Welcoming Prayer, perform the Special Music, and even present the "Pastor's" Message. They are supported by the Sunday School teachers and leaders.