Cressey Road United Methodist Church
Sunday, August 19, 2018
Making Disciples for Jesus Christ

National & International Ministries

While much of the ministry that we do at Cressey Road UMC is directed to our local community, there are many programs that we either participate in either directly or through our Mission Shares to the Conference. These help us to "make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."
The Heifer Project
The Heifer Project, started in 1944 by Dan West, is a program to end world hunger and poverty. The project provides livestock to impoverished communities to help them better their lives.
Using the saying, "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day... teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime", as its incentive, the Heifer Project is able to help people who deal with hunger and poverty become self-sufficient.
Through the sale of farm-fresh eggs by certain members of the church, to fund-raising meals, to special events, volunteers led by Chair Susan Folley raise money and send it of to heifer Project International for distribution of the livestock, ranging from chickens, to goats, to cows, and even water buffalo.
Cressey Road UMC was especially proud in 2016 to have it's committee raise enough money to fund an "arK', which is a collection made up of each type of project animals!

Shoe Box Ministry
 The Shoe Box Ministry, managed by Samaritan's Purse, brings hope to disadvantaged children around the world. For decades, families from the United States and other countries have had a wonderful opportunity to impact the lives of less fortunate children around the globe.
Members of the congregation are asked to take one or more shoe boxes home and to fill them with personal care items (e.g. tooth brush, toothpaste, comb, hair ribbons, etc.), school supplies, and toys specific to a particular gender and age group. Some donors will provide money to ship the boxes, rather than collect items. They then return the shoe boxes to the church, which assembles everything and sends them out to Smaritan's Purse for distribution. Donors are also encouraged to include a small card or note to the recipients. 

Ministries through Our Mission Shares

The following are just some of the Ministries which are supported by the payments which we send to our General Conference each month. As a "Connectional Church", the United Methodist Church shares with local Methodist churches as well as with other Christian churches around the world. This ensures that ministry is done not just for those who have local churches, but also for people who are unable to benefit from a local church's ministries.
World Service Fund
A very important fund for the Methodist Church, it represents the minimum needs of our general agencies. Included within this fund are: building new churches, preparing clergy and lay leaders, paying missionary salaries, advocacy for peace and justice, providing leadership for youth ministries, providing theological education for students, and helping God's children everywhere.
Black College Fund
This fund helps support 11 historically black colleges and universities in the United States. These institutions have played a unique role in U.S. higher education. Their graduates include teachers and doctors, ministers and bishops, judges, artists, athletes and entrepreneurs who are recognized community leaders. 
Interdenominational Cooperation Fund
 This fund allows us to affirm our unity with other Christian communities around the globe as we witness to a common Christian faith, meet human suffering, and advocate for peace and justice all over the world. This also gives us a voice in in the activities  of several national and worldwide ecumenical organizations, providing our denomination's share of basic budgets of these organizations.
The Advance for Christ and His Church
This program has been a lifeline for tens of thousands of missions around the world. United Methodists are blessed with this opportunity to build relationships with missionaries and projects to achieve common goals. Program categories range for missionary support, disaster response and relief, global health, construction, water and sanitation and, of course, sharing the word of God. 100% of each gift to The Advance reaches its intended mission or ministry.